The latest news from Rocky Mountain Fort camp

Thank you from The Peace River Valley...
As one of the Camp supply organizers, I have to say that the ongoing support to run this camp from individuals in and outside of the North Peace area, has been overwhelmingly positive!
Thank you to All of you who are contributing yourselves, putting your own lives on "hold" to come out and stay at the camp and Help us "Hold the Fort!" Thank you to those who are donating and loaning food and supplies to the Brave winter Campers protecting the forests in our Valley.
....And thanks for those who tirelessly orchestrate the food, supplies and people in and out of the camp.
Thank you to those who cannot come to the Peace but send their positive comments, prayers and thoughts.
Also a BIG thank you to those providing monetary support because without you we could not operate and move buildings and people and purchase neccessary supplies not donated or loaned.
To find out how you can Help to support the Protection of our Valley, inhabitants historical and sacred sites and the forest that protects all. PM me or contact Yvonne Tupper Arlene Boon, Helen knott or Verena Hofmann via Face book
Please Share this post and Keep our Peaceful Protest of the proposed Site C Dam, Rocky Mountain Fort Camp, going!
Not a done deal...
So thank you from the Peace River Valley, its inhabitants, historical and sacred sites and Poul and Esther Pedersen.